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The premier software suite for ham shack automation.

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Ham Radio Deluxe version is now available for download!

HRD Rig Control

Ham Radio Deluxe supports most radios that are on the market that have CAT Control built into the radio.

HRD Rotor Control

Use the HRD Rotator Control to turn an antennae towards any possible signal. With full Azimuth and Elevation controls, the Rotator Control can also be used when tracking satellites. Track long-path and short-path with the built in grey line map.

HRD Logbook

The HRD Logbook allows you to make contacts and log them into a database on the computer. Features include options for automatically uploading QSOs to eQSL, ClubLog, HRDLog, QRZ Log, 1-click uploads to LOTW and robust Awards Tracking and DX Cluster.

HRD Satellite Tracking

Track where a satellite's path will be in the sky anytime in the next five minutes to the next 48 hours. Tracking is kept accurate by Kepler Data that automatically updates throughout the day.

HRD DM-780

DM-780 allows you to decode and transmit multiple digital modes from your computer. CW, Rtty, and PSK-31 are also available in SuperSweeper allowing for multiple signals to be decoded at the same time.

Ham Radio Deluxe Overview

Ham Radio Deluxe video demonstration

Supported Operating Systems & System Requirements

NOTE: Because Ham Radio Deluxe is developed in Microsoft Visual Studio, we must conform to Microsoft's operating system requirements to ensure that our software is supportable.

The recommended minimum system requirements for Ham Radio Deluxe are defined by the minimum requirements for Microsoft Windows 7 located here. Microsoft ended extended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and Microsoft will end extended support for Windows Vista April 2017 as indicated here.

About HRD Software, LLC

HRD Software, LLC. is a company formed in 2012 to continue the development of the Ham Radio Deluxe software suite for amateur radio.

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